Trend Spotting: Vitamin Water

21 Feb

Vitamin water has been popular in Tokyo for sometime now but it was only quite recent that I’ve seen them surfacing here.

I didn’t think very much of it when I first saw it because we’re used to all sorts of enhanced, flavoured beverages in Japan. When I saw more girls at work starting to drink it, I did a quick search and found more info on it.

Originating from the US, Vitamin Water is the brainchild of Darius Bikoff who thought that it would be a great idea to combine vitamins and water, making it a convenient way for people to get their vitamins on the go. Vitamin Water is already an icon in the US, promoting active lifestyles in a range of names cleverly positioned to promise what they could the following:- defense, boost, spark and focus, to name a few.

They have recently just launched its latest flavour in Japan, “Wake Up”- a blend of orange, vitamin c and calcium, for that perfect morning boost. Personally, I think they are just a hipper version of gatorade but very much well-received in Japan. A lot of celebrities, hip boutique and hair salons have been toting and selling this.

What do you think?

[pic from 美的 and glaceau Japan]





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