ID Yourself

22 Feb

When I meet external vendors, I often have to wear a lanyard prominently displaying my work ID. Ive been wearing the same black fabric lanyard attached to a plastic case that the company gave me when I joined. I reckon it’s time to ditch that tacky plastic for something a little more glamorous!

Always a hit with the office ladies, the Coach ID Lanyard comes in colours as seen above.

If you’re looking for solid colours (which incidentally, is the “in” thing for spring), check out Knoxbrain Kalos. Kalos is popular with salarymen and office ladies (OLs) in Japan.

TO see pictures –>

You can mix and match the straps and cases. And their colours are bright and friendly for Spring!

I must say though that I can see why loads of girls are getting the Coach ID case. I love the pink on it. It’s classy and feminine. Kalos is good if you want an “anonymous” brand. I think I would be happy with a Gucci quilted one but I haven’t seen that around.

Pictures sourced from :,  and Nikkei Trend


2 Responses to “ID Yourself”

  1. Wendy February 22, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    These are very pretty and useful! Much nicer than shoving your ID in your pocket, like I do.

  2. cubiclelifestyle February 22, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Hi Wendy
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I used to do that too until we were ‘advised’ to wear our ID tags when meeting with some clients.

    I’m going to stop by your blog. I love your make-up reviews!!

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