Etiquette Check!

26 Feb

When I first saw these, I wanted one without even finding out what they were. The pop-design and colours were so alluringly attractive but when I found out what they really were, I went, “Huh? People actually need this?”

These gadgets, from Tanita, have evolved a long way from its predecessors in the market. They are bad-breathe detection gadgets. Just breathe into one of these cutesy thingamajigs and one of six faces display whether you really need to be popping in a mint or go gargle with mouthwash or just skip your meeting/ interview and cry at home.

It’s cute, user-friendly and pop-design is supposed to entice the salarymen/ OL crowd to buy this even though you could probably save about 40 dollars by just popping a mint everytime you’re unsure.

Source: Domani Web, Tanita


3 Responses to “Etiquette Check!”

  1. col March 2, 2011 at 4:11 am #

    Hi Rie, what does OL stand for? xx col


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