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Your Metrosexual Must-Have Gadget

15 Mar

Now, it’s not just women who are privy to fancy beauty gadgets. Increasingly, men (especially the metrosexual and most definitely our 9-to-5, Salarymen variety) are being exposed to an array of beauty and grooming products.

This gadget exfoliates, cleanses, brings out ionised negative dirt and excess oil.

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Beautiful Lace Palettes from Elegance Cosmetics

20 Feb

Elegance Cosmetics エレガンス  コスメティックス is a brand from Japan that is perhaps not so well known outside of the country. Their latest range of products has been gaining hype in several of the magazines I’ve been reading lately so I thought I’d check them out on the internet.

Their latest range Collection Printemps 2011 was only released 2 days ago. The lip and eyeshadow palettes are absolutely gorgeous to look at.

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