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Mumm Rose Champagne Cooler

17 Mar

Limited Edition only, comes this beautiful cherry-blossom pink chanpagne cooler from Champagne maker, G.H. Mumm.

Perfect for Cherry-Blosom season in Japan.

As seen on Vogue Japan.


Paloma Picasso & Tiffany

7 Mar

In collaboration with Tiffany, Paloma Picasso’s collection, Paloma Picasso Graffiti, is showcased above in silver, rose gold and white gold.

These necklaces from the collection, are more affordable designer pieces from Paloma.

Peace is sterling silver and sells for about  19 950 JPY. Love is rose gold with diamonds at 241 500 JPY. Kiss is white gold with diamonds, at 241 500 JPY.

As seen on Vogue Japan.

Rose-smelling Shirts for Men

6 Mar

Following my previous post on those funky, bad breathe detector gadgets, Yamaki Co. Ltd has come up with a range of rose-smelling business shirts. Embedding rose-scented micro capsules into the collars of these shirts, the scent evaporates when the fabric is rubbed or placed under pressure. These shirts cost around 3000JPY and last for around 10 washes.

Definitely a rising trend with the conscious businessmen crowd who has taken an interest in deodorising products. Newcomers to this genre include shirts and suits popular in 2010 and now this range of  Otoko Kaoru (Men who smell good) shirts.

Source: Yamaki, Japan Times

Buy it from Yahoo and Rakuten:


Longchamp Toted: ‘It’ bag for Spring

24 Feb

Longchamp’s Impérial Tote bag has been toted the ‘it’ bag for Japanese women this coming spring.

It’s about A4 size and is very versatile to go with different looks from work to afternoon tea with the girls and dates.

The tote has a zippered pocket on the back and a main compartment with magnetic clasps. On the interior, the bag is divided as such: – Continue reading

ID Yourself

22 Feb

When I meet external vendors, I often have to wear a lanyard prominently displaying my work ID. Ive been wearing the same black fabric lanyard attached to a plastic case that the company gave me when I joined. I reckon it’s time to ditch that tacky plastic for something a little more glamorous!

Always a hit with the office ladies, the Coach ID Lanyard comes in colours as seen above.

If you’re looking for solid colours (which incidentally, is the “in” thing for spring), check out Knoxbrain Kalos. Kalos is popular with salarymen and office ladies (OLs) in Japan.

TO see pictures –> Continue reading

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