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The Gift of Soap-on-a-string

6 Aug

A ‘good luck’ gift to celebrate any joyous occasion-this Sea Bream Soap-on-a-string makes a really unique gift!

Choose from any of the following colours and you’re bound to get a chuckle from the recipient.

It’s big enough to be hung up so the different scents (pomegranate, lily and black sugar) can be enjoyed. Available from COCOMO at 2520 JPY.


Pray for Japan

13 Mar

Prayers and thoughts go out to all who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in the NorthEast of Japan.

On my end, Friday was a terrible day for me as I frantically called (without much success as the mobile network was down) and searched online for twitter, facebook updates of family and friends. Everyone as far as I know, is being accounted for. But this is the worst crisis to have hit Japan since the postwar. I had huge hopes of the economy recovering and pulling itself up from a lull and I know this will set us back a long time. I’m extremely worried about my family in the Kanto region. They are fine but with tremors happening now and then, power outtages and food shortage, it is not easy especially in the last month of winter. People are staying put and putting their trust in the government that it is still safe to do so.

Being away from Japan is not easy. I feel connected yet disconnected. I just hope all my family and friends to be safe.

Pray for Japan.

* featured above is Lady Gaga’s bracelet that was especially designed for the Japan Tsunami Relief. $5 for the bracelet and all proceeds go to the relief fund. Buy it here.

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