Blvgari Champagne and Chocolates

27 Feb

The Japanese are a sucker for sets and presentation. This Blvgari Champagne and Chocolate set will inevitably send quite a few salarymen I know to reluctantly open their wallets, resulting in some OLs being incredibly happy. White day is just around the corner and this will definitely impress.

Bvlgari has an online chocolatier shop that also has shopfronts located in upper-class neighbourhoods like Omotesando and glitzy areas like Ginza, in Tokyo.
Source: Vogue Japan and Gourmet Bulgari


Etiquette Check!

26 Feb

When I first saw these, I wanted one without even finding out what they were. The pop-design and colours were so alluringly attractive but when I found out what they really were, I went, “Huh? People actually need this?”

These gadgets, from Tanita, have evolved a long way from its predecessors in the market. They are bad-breathe detection gadgets. Just breathe into one of these cutesy thingamajigs and one of six faces display whether you really need to be popping in a mint or go gargle with mouthwash or just skip your meeting/ interview and cry at home.

It’s cute, user-friendly and pop-design is supposed to entice the salarymen/ OL crowd to buy this even though you could probably save about 40 dollars by just popping a mint everytime you’re unsure.

Source: Domani Web, Tanita

Longchamp Toted: ‘It’ bag for Spring

24 Feb

Longchamp’s Impérial Tote bag has been toted the ‘it’ bag for Japanese women this coming spring.

It’s about A4 size and is very versatile to go with different looks from work to afternoon tea with the girls and dates.

The tote has a zippered pocket on the back and a main compartment with magnetic clasps. On the interior, the bag is divided as such: – Continue reading

Sony HDR-PJ40V with Built-in Projector

23 Feb

Every year, the office crowd gets excited about one or two gadgets and jumps on the consumer bandwagon.

On Feb 25 2011, Sony will release it latest model. HDR-PJ40V which comes with a built-in projector. This timely release is perfect for Spring in Japan when life’s significant milestones happen- graduations, enrollments into new schools, companies and weddings.

The single most attractive feature is the projector which can be played back, wirelessly and independently. They are perfect for sharing memorable moments at a get-together.

I have a sneaky suspicion that this would be on most of the office workers’ wishlist if the price is right. For more stats and links- > Continue reading

ID Yourself

22 Feb

When I meet external vendors, I often have to wear a lanyard prominently displaying my work ID. Ive been wearing the same black fabric lanyard attached to a plastic case that the company gave me when I joined. I reckon it’s time to ditch that tacky plastic for something a little more glamorous!

Always a hit with the office ladies, the Coach ID Lanyard comes in colours as seen above.

If you’re looking for solid colours (which incidentally, is the “in” thing for spring), check out Knoxbrain Kalos. Kalos is popular with salarymen and office ladies (OLs) in Japan.

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Belated Valentine’s Day

21 Feb

The boy has just returned from a work trip (yay!) so my Valentine’s Day comes pretty late.

In Japan, Valentines’ Day is traditionally the day when women give the men in their lives chocolates. And when we say the men in our lives, we mean, bosses to dads, friends, colleagues alike. Usually a group of us ladies in the office will pool some money to buy a big box of chocolate for all the male colleagues. Or buy cheaper, individual ones. There’s a name to these chocolates. We call them, “Obligation Chocolate”.

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Trend Spotting: Vitamin Water

21 Feb

Vitamin water has been popular in Tokyo for sometime now but it was only quite recent that I’ve seen them surfacing here.

I didn’t think very much of it when I first saw it because we’re used to all sorts of enhanced, flavoured beverages in Japan. When I saw more girls at work starting to drink it, I did a quick search and found more info on it.

Originating from the US, Vitamin Water is the brainchild of Darius Bikoff who thought that it would be a great idea to combine vitamins and water, making it a convenient way for people to get their vitamins on the go. Vitamin Water is already an icon in the US, promoting active lifestyles in a range of names cleverly positioned to promise what they could the following:- defense, boost, spark and focus, to name a few.

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Beautiful Lace Palettes from Elegance Cosmetics

20 Feb

Elegance Cosmetics エレガンス  コスメティックス is a brand from Japan that is perhaps not so well known outside of the country. Their latest range of products has been gaining hype in several of the magazines I’ve been reading lately so I thought I’d check them out on the internet.

Their latest range Collection Printemps 2011 was only released 2 days ago. The lip and eyeshadow palettes are absolutely gorgeous to look at.

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There’s Gotta be Hundreds Like Me

18 Feb


I’m looking for you…

  • 30 something corporate chick
  • works in a cubicle in suit city
  • always on a diet
  • loves makeup, cosmetics and fashion
  • has a weakness for bags, shoes and shopping on-line
  • spends too much time on the web
  • loves eating out and those cute NY-style Delis
  • drinks way too much coffee


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