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Night Colour Series from Panasonic

1 Mar

The latest “Night Colour” series of appliances from Panasonic screams elegance and allure.

Items in this range most likely to appeal to the salarymen/ OL crowd would probably be the slim fridge (59 x 63) that’s designed to fit most match-box sized apartments. Black appliances used to be so outdated and sent people in every direction possible in search of silver or white but I think Panasonic might be reviving a come-back!

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Etiquette Check!

26 Feb

When I first saw these, I wanted one without even finding out what they were. The pop-design and colours were so alluringly attractive but when I found out what they really were, I went, “Huh? People actually need this?”

These gadgets, from Tanita, have evolved a long way from its predecessors in the market. They are bad-breathe detection gadgets. Just breathe into one of these cutesy thingamajigs and one of six faces display whether you really need to be popping in a mint or go gargle with mouthwash or just skip your meeting/ interview and cry at home.

It’s cute, user-friendly and pop-design is supposed to entice the salarymen/ OL crowd to buy this even though you could probably save about 40 dollars by just popping a mint everytime you’re unsure.

Source: Domani Web, Tanita

Sony HDR-PJ40V with Built-in Projector

23 Feb

Every year, the office crowd gets excited about one or two gadgets and jumps on the consumer bandwagon.

On Feb 25 2011, Sony will release it latest model. HDR-PJ40V which comes with a built-in projector. This timely release is perfect for Spring in Japan when life’s significant milestones happen- graduations, enrollments into new schools, companies and weddings.

The single most attractive feature is the projector which can be played back, wirelessly and independently. They are perfect for sharing memorable moments at a get-together.

I have a sneaky suspicion that this would be on most of the office workers’ wishlist if the price is right. For more stats and links- > Continue reading

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